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Art workshops

Colors in Leone

Leone can be proud of affection not only for its guests but also for art! We organize periodically art workshops, where all of our guests and employees of our Laris Hotels Group chain can try their hand in painting and drawing. There are many inspirations,
concentration is often very intense, all this accompanied by cheerful atmosphere, integration and nice conversations.

Apart from the lion at the Reception, all the other pieces displayed in Leone come from our workshops. There is also a small gallery next to the breakfast room.
It is possible to buy a painting, for example as a souvenir from Krakow. More information at the Reception.

Have a look, take part in the workshops and share with us your impressions!

As a hotel, we had a pleasure to support one of great projects of promoting art around Krakow. We were hosting a very talented and renown artist named Dulk who created a beautiful mural in the area of Rondo Mogilskie.  
This is the result of his work: